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Introductory Maths Methods - Pathway Study Guide

by O.T. Lee
ISBN: 978-1-87691-878-1

Key Features
1. Checkpoint questions
2. Review questions
3. Student activities
4. Trial tests
5. Fully-detailed answers

The Introductory Mathematics Methods Study Guide provides a checklist of core skills and concepts required for the year 11 & 12 ATAR Mathematics Methods Units 1, 2, 3 & 4 courses.  The core skills and concepts are aligned with Level 10 Advanced Mathematics in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum.

It is aimed at students in year 10 preparing for the year 11 & 12 ATAR Mathematics Methods courses. It is also a useful resource for students in year 11 studying the Mathematics Methods course who may have missed out on the required essential skills and concepts. Each chapter consists of brief introductory notes, worked examples and practice tasks. Some chapters include Automaticity Tasks which are critical for success in the Mathematics Methods Course.

Review questions are provided along with fully worked solutions for each Automaticity Task, Practice Task and Review Task.

The use of calculators is not recommended for this Study Guide.

About the Author

Dr O.T Lee is an author of many text books, including ATAR Maths Methods Yr 11 & 12, ATAR Maths Specialist Yr 11 & 12 as well as Revision Series for ATAR Maths Applications Yr 12, ATAR Math Methods Yr 11 & 12 and ATAR Math Specialist Yr 11 & 12, which are used extensively in WA schools. Dr Lee is an exceptional, insightful teacher with wide-ranging experience as a WACE marker.

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