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Human Biology Year 11 ATAR Course - Units 1 & 2 Study Guide Third Edition

by Peter Walster
ISBN: 978-0-6451888-3-7

Third Edition with all new content and updated to reflect the latest syllabus and curriculum.

Key Features
1. Human Biology Syllabus checklist
2. Human Biology Essential theory
3. Student activities
4. Trial tests
5. Model answers

Students will increase their knowledge of the Western Australian ATAR Human Biology curriculum with this guide by Peter Walster. It promotes structured and effective learning for all Year 12 Human Biology students.

To help you develop a mastery of the vocabulary used in this book, terms have been included at the beginning of each section. We have also included a set of review questions that you can complete after you have covered the work at school to help you prepare for section tests and examinations.

The book also comes with trial tests. Each test has twenty multiple choice questions, a short answer section and an extended answer question. 

We hope this study guide book will help you to enjoy, understand and succeed in human biology. Good luck in your studies! 

About the Author

Peter Walster was Head of Science in several WA government schools, most recently at Perth Modern School. With a science degree and Masters in Education, he has taught biology and human biology both in Western Australia and in the UK.

Peter has marked examinations for over 35 years. For many years, he assisted the chief markers and examiners in the development of marking keys used by markers of biology examinations and he has acted as a supervisor assisting the chief examiners with the biology examination marking for many years. He has served on a number of syllabus committees and reference groups helping to develop new biology courses.

Peter has conducted revision seminars in biology and human biology at many schools, public and private, in the city and in country regions. Peter has also been employed by Curtin University as a supervisor of trainee teachers on their school practicals.

Peter is the author of several revision guides used by many schools for Biology and Human Biology.

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