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Mathematics Specialist ATAR Course Study Guide Units 1 and 2 Revised Edition

by Gregory Hine, Neil McNab
ISBN: 978-1-87691-886-6

Key Features
1. Syllabus checklist
2. Essential theory
3. Student activities
4. Trial tests
5. Model answers

The revised edition of this study guide now has illustrations and content in full colour.

This Study Guide assists Year 11 students with their preparation for tests and examinations in the Specialist Mathematics course for Western Australia.

This Mathematics Specialist Study Guide is essential for all students studying Year 11 Mathematics Specialist as it is a comprehensive guide to the topics covered at this level. It provides clear explanations of important mathematical concepts and gives ample opportunity to practise a range of questions. Written specifically for the WA curriculum.

The Syllabus Checklist indicates to students which skills they must have acquired and the objectives they need to meet under each of the major headings of the course.

The Worked Examples are presented in a detailed manner, with brief notes and explanations being used to amplify the understanding for the particular question. Some of these worked examples could be used
in the written notes that students are permitted to take into an examination.

The Problems to Solve section in each chapter provides students with a broad range of questions without the repetitive nature of problems usually associated with a course textbook.

The Trial Tests are an additional component to this text, and these allow students to familiarise themselves with examination questions. Suggested times are given for these tests, and students should be encouraged to adhere to these times to prepare properly for final examinations.

Fully worked solutions are provided for students to receive immediate, accurate and useful feedback on their performance.

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