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Physics Year 11 ATAR Course - Units 1 & 2 Study Guide Revised Edition

by Michael Lucarelli, Trevor Henderson
ISBN: 978-1-87691-887-3

Key Features
1. Syllabus checklist
2. Essential theory
3. Student activities
4. Trial tests
5. Model answers

The revised edition of this study guide now has illustrations and content in full colour.

This guide assists students in their preparation for tests and examinations in the ATAR Physics course for Units 1 and 2. The structure of the topics will allow students to use the book throughout the year.

The guide closely adheres to the W.A. School Curriculum and Standards Authority ATAR syllabus. Essential core theory is covered clearly and in detail. Illustrations and worked examples are used extensively to assist students in their learninig. In each chapter, questions and exercises are integrated with theory to help students clarify and consolidate their understanding of new concepts.

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