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Mathematics Methods ATAR Course Textbook Units 1 and 2

by O.T. Lee
ISBN: 978-1-74098-277-1

Key Features
1. A sound teaching resource
2. Systematic teaching of each syllabus topic
3. Guided instruction for students
4. Exam level questions and answers
5. Fully worked solutions manual available

This in-depth textbook by O.T Lee provides a comprehensive coverage of the syllabus requirements of Units 1 and 2 of the Year 11 Mathematics Methods ATAR course.

The use of CAS/graphic calculators is seamlessly integrated into the teaching and learning process. Questions are made explicit in terms of the required methods and techniques. Knowedge of CAS/graphic calculator techniques empower students to tappreciate the relative efficiences (and accuracies) of machine based techniques against traditional pencil and paper techniques. However, the traditional pencil and paper techniques are the ones that vonvey the actual mathematical concepts and processes and form the backbone of this book. Macine based techniques are at best interpretative techniques.

The use of Hands-on-Tasks is continued in this book. These tasks allow students to conceptualise mathematical concepts on their own without being explicitly "taught". This promotes relational understanding rather than factual knowledge of mathemtatical concepts and ideas.

This book is an excellent teaching guide with a variety of question and answers at exam level. Students will be well prepared for their exams with this textbook written specifically for the WA curriculum.

A fully worked out Solution Manual is available as a resource for teachers.

About the Author

Dr O.T Lee is an author of many text books, including ATAR Maths Methods Yr 11 & 12, ATAR Maths Specialist Yr 11 & 12 as well as Revision Series for ATAR Maths Applications Yr 12, ATAR Math Methods Yr 11 & 12 and ATAR Math Specialist Yr 11 & 12, which are used extensively in WA schools. Dr Lee is an exceptional, insightful teacher with wide-ranging experience as a WACE marker.

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