Creelman Exam Questions

Creelman Mathematics Specialist ATAR Course Units 3 and 4 2022 Edition

by Tim Oates
ISBN: 978-1-74098-310-5

Key Features
1. Maths Specialist ATAR exam preparation
2. Actual Maths Specialist WACE questions from past 6 years
3. Arranged in topics from the Maths Specialist syllabus to aid revision
4. Marks allocation to guide your time management
5. Model answers to assess Maths Specialist knowledge and potential performance

The Maths Specialist Creelman Exam Questions provides a structured resource, using the actual Maths Specialist WACE exam questions from previous years to help you prepare for your ATAR exams. This format ensures you become familiar with all the Maths Specialist ATAR syllabus and the actual questions asked by the Maths Specialist examiners. The exam questions are grouped into syllabus topics, to give you vital help by practicing real exam questions. Model answers and marks allocation help you monitor your progress. By following this revision pattern, you will be able to face your Maths Specialist exams with confidence.

The Creelman Exam Questions series follows the format developed by Andrew Creelman. The format was based on his experience as a student and teacher. “It was my practice in preparing for exams to go through the last few years of exams and group the questions into topics to gain an understanding of the type of questions asked, the frequency of questions in certain areas and to get an insight into what the examiners were looking for. This focused my exam preparation and I went into exams well prepared.”

Maths Specialist teachers - placing this book on your school booklist your students will have access to actual previous Maths Specialist WACE exam questions, arranged in topics with model answers. Revision for ATAR Maths Specialist topic tests or exams becomes easier- you can refer your students to the relevant chapter for class work or homework.

About the Author

Tim Oates, currently a teacher at Woodvale Secondary College, has been teaching Mathematics in W.A. public schools since 1987. He has fond memories of his own schooling first at Dianella Primary and then at John Forrest Senior High School during the 70’s and 80’s. Tim received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mathematics and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching from Curtin University in 1986.

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