Creelman Exam Questions

Creelman Exam Questions (2024 Edition): Physics ATAR Course Units 3 and 4

by Jacob Marai
ISBN: 978-1-74098-354-9

2024 Edition NOW Available.

Key Features

  1. Physics ATAR exam preparation
  2. Actual Physics WACE questions from past 6 years
  3. Arranged in topics from the Physics syllabus to aid revision
  4. Marks allocation to guide your time management
  5. Model answers to assess Physics knowledge and potential performance
  6. Essential Syllabus for each chapter topic assigned to relevant quesitons to ensure you understand the various question formats used in exams
  7. Tips and Tricks in each chpater providing examiner insight on usefuel pointers to earn top marks

The Physics Creelman Exam Questions provides a structured resource, using the actual Physics WACE exam questions from the previous sixyears to help you prepare for your ATAR exams. This format ensures you become familiar with all the Physics ATAR syllabus and the actual questions asked by the Physics examiners. The exam questions are grouped into syllabus topics, to give you vital help by practicing real exam questions. Model answers and marks allocation help you monitor your progress. By following this revision pattern, you will be able to face your Physics exams with confidence.

The Creelman Exam Questions series follows the format developed by Andrew Creelman. The format was based on his experience as a student and teacher. “It was my practice in preparing for exams to go through the last few years of exams and group the questions into topics to gain an understanding of the type of questions asked, the frequency of questions in certain areas and to get an insight into what the examiners were looking for. This focused my exam preparation and I went into exams well prepared.”

Physics teachers - The questions in these books can be adapted in multiple ways to cater for the needs of your students. For example, a chapter could be assigned after completion of the relevant topics in class to test student learning. Alternatively, you may decide to assign selected questions as homework exercises throughout the year. By retaining copies of their books with their own solutions, students can also refer to their work in the leadup to the final exams, making notes about their strengths and weaknesses in each topic. By including this resource on your school booklist you are enabling your students to have the best exam preparation available to them.

About the Author

Jacob Marai is a Physics teacher in Western Australia with over 15 years experience. He holds a double bachelor’s degree in Physics and Secondary Education. Jacob is passionate about teaching and shares his enthusiasm with students and his peers in his current role as Head of Physics at Christ Church Grammar School in Perth. Jacob is also a WACE exam marker and physics exam paper writer, in addition to teaching numerous holiday revision seminars for ATAR Physics around Western Australia. 

Jacob has a vast experience with the WACE Physics Curriculum and it’s evolution over the past two decades and has a thorough understanding of the marking standards and the expectations of exemplary responses in exam questions