Revision Series

Human Biology ATAR Course Revision Series Units 3 and 4

by Ant Meczes
ISBN: 978-1-74098-209-2

Key Features
1. ATAR exam preparation
2. Clear, easy-to-follow examples
3. Comprehensive set of revision and review questions
4. Problems at test/examination level
5. Fully worked solutions


This is a revision resource for Year 12 students studying the Year 12 ATAR Human Biology course. It has been designed to be student centered and assist them to achieve maximum marks in Year 12 Human Biology exams. Many practice questions and examples with solutions are provided.

This book should be used in conjunction with a class textbook to reinforce the most important principles and understandings. The essentials are presented so students can teach themselves the concepts. Students then work through the many example questions. Answers should be entered in this workbook to produce a progressive learning in a student friendly manner. An active learning style is supported through the use of simple pictures and diagrams within the text.

About the Author

Ant Meczes is a passionate Science educator who has spoken at a number of conferences and is currently Head of Science in one of the State's most highly sought after schools since 2009. Ant has taught both internationally in the UK where he began his career in 1994 before moving to Australia in 2007. Ant is a member of the National Science Teachers Association.

Ant has an adaptive and encouraging teaching style that allows students to explore concepts whilst providing a supportive and understanding knowledge base for the principles in Human Biology.

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