Revision Series

Physics ATAR Course Revision Series Units 3 and 4

by Roy Skinner
ISBN: 978-1-74098-180-4

Key Features
1. ATAR exam preparation
2. Clear, easy-to-follow examples
3. Comprehensive set of revision and review questions
4. Problems at test/examination level
5. Fully worked solutions

This book is meant to be used in conjunction with a class text book, where the aim is to reinforce the most important principles and understandings. It contains the basic essentials needed for students to teach themselves by absorbing both facts and concepts, then working through the many example questions and quizzes. This book is meant to be written in as a workbook to produce progressive learning in a student-friendly manner.

An active learning style is encouraged through the use of simple pictures and diagrams within the text, making full understanding cognitively simpler. Tests are supplied at the end of each topic and trial papers that would typify those used in National Curriculum examinations.

One of the main thrusts in this current approach is the importance of experimental design and analysis, where specific thinking skills and a focus on practical work has become more prominent (e.g. control of variables, data analysis, graphing and evaluation skills). This book is unique in this aspect as it has a whole chapter devoted to Investigations, where the separate, discrete skills are each targeted, from "How to design experiments" to "Evaluation and improvement of techniques".

About the Author

Dr. Roy Skinner has taught Physics for 40 years and has been an exam marker for 11 years. He holds a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Physics and a PhD in Science Education from King's College, London.

Dr. Skinner has also taught in the UK and New Zealand before coming to Western Australia for a lecturing post in Science Education at Edith Cowan University in 1993. Dr Skinner has taught in numerous WA schools and in 1999 he was awarded the West Australian de Laeter Medal for most outstanding science teacher.

Dr Skinner regularly runs professional development workshops in the area of creative thinking and open investigations both in Western Australia and Victoria. He also teaches in Academic Task Force Revision programs and Master Classes and is the author of numerous Physics texts.

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