Study Guide

Economics ATAR Course Study Guide Units 3 and 4 Revised Edition

by Andrew Tibbitt
ISBN: 978-1-87691-889-7

Key Features
1. Economics Syllabus checklist
2. Economics Essential theory
3. Student activities
4. Trial tests
5. Model answers

The revised edition of this guide has been updated to include economic data which is right up to date in 2020. Charts and graphs have been reproduced in full colour.

Economics is one of a number of human or social sciences whose aim is to investigate, understand and predict human behaviour. The central theme of economics is how societies go about raising the material standard of living or well-being of their members given a limited supply of resources.  

This book is a Study Guide designed to help students meet the requirements of the WACE Economics ATAR Course Year 12 syllabus. It is aimed at assisting students in their preparation for tests and examinations in the ATAR Economics course for Units 3 and 4.

Essential core theory for each topic is covered clearly and in detail. Illustrations and worked examples are used extensively to assist students in their learning. Throughout each chapter, questions and exercises are integrated with theory to help students clarify and consolidate their understanding of new concepts.

About the Author

Andrew Tibbitt is an experienced Economics teacher and author, having taught both WACE Economics and the International Baccalaureate Diploma at year 11 and 12 levels and written a number of Economics textbooks and journal articles. He is a life member of the Western Australia Economics Teachers' Association and has been involved with both syllabus development and as an assist examiner over many years.

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