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Human Biology Year 12 ATAR Course - Units 3 & 4 Study Guide Revised Edition

by Glenda Leslie
ISBN: 978-1-87691-893-4

Revised Edition and updated for the latest syllabus and curriculum.

Key Features
1. Human Biology Syllabus checklist
2. Human Biology Essential theory
3. Student activities
4. Trial tests
5. Model answers

This study guide covers the Human Biology ATAR Units 3 and 4. The purpose of this guide is to assist students in their preparation for tests and examinations in the ATAR Human Biology course for year 12 students. The study guide follows the ATAR syllabus and is an essential study aid throughout the academic year.

Each chapter starts with a checklist taken from the W.A. School Curriculum and Standards Authority ATAR syllabus. The chapter then provides topic summary notes and short activities for students. At the end of each chapter a comprehensive write-in-book revision questions covering the assessable content is included. Answers to these questions are at the end of the book.

Trial Tests covering the content for both Unit 3 and Unit 4 have also been provided at the end of the book along with full solutions. Students are advised to practise the Trial Tests and the Chapter Review Questions throughout the course of the year. We hope that this study guide will help students to better understand the concepts they learn in the classroom and will aid their studies for success at school.

About the Author

Glenda Leslie is a science educator having been Head of Science in a senior college and lecturer in Science Education at the tertiary level. She has worked in curriculum development for the national and state education authorities and has been a Science Curriculum Consultant at the system level of education in Western Australia.

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