Essay Writing

Essay Writing - A Practical Guide for Senior School Students

by Pamela Bagworth
ISBN: 9781 74098 315 0

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to writing better essays. Based on the very successful Essay Writing course developed by Dr
Pam Bagworth and taught in Academic Task Force Revision Programs. The material has been expanded to include many more
worked examples and activities to enhance students' essay writing competency.

The book is aimed at senior students. It provides guidelines for writing essays for school assessments and exams such as ATAR.

There are worked examples based on actual exam questions from a range of subjects.

This Essay Writing book provides:

  • A practical guide for senior students
  • A simple formula plan for structuring essays in all subjects
  • A step-by-step process for writing essays for assignments and exams
  • Direction and practical examples to enable students to:
    • Understand the question
    • Construct thesis statements
    • Create coherent, convincing paragraphs
    • Draft and edit work.

Students can work through practice and sample essays in a range of subjects (English, History, Geography, Literature, Economics,

Learn how to strengthen arguments with evidence, quotes and explanations.

Increase marks by attending to Markers' comments to ensure essays are relevant and convincing.

It empowers students to develop strong essay writing skills and gain great marks.